Airport Area, Thermi, Thessaloniki


easily accessible from Iris Hotel

Thessaloniki’s International Airport “Makedonia” is just 2′ away from Iris Hotel. Our hotel, offers an airport shuttle service for a better, cheaper and safer transfer.

The Medical Inter-Balkan Center of Thessaloniki is also 2′ away from Iris Hotel. From our hotel, the Medical Inter-Balkan Center can be reached by car, taxi or city bus. For more information, please contact the Iris Hotel Reception.


Mediterranean Cosmos is the largest shopping center in Greece and is located in eastern Thessaloniki. It’s easily accessible from Iris Hotel. At the Mediterranean Cosmos you will find, amongst others, restaurants, cafes, 11 cinema halls, supermarkets and much more.


Waterland, is one of the largest water parks in Europe, in Tagarades (village close to ​​Thessaloniki). It’s located about 7 minutes driving from Iris Hotel and can be reached by car or taxi. For more information, please contact the Iris Hotel Reception.


Kalamaria is located in eastern Thessaloniki and is an excellent choice for dining and walking. Landmark of Kalamaria is the coastal front, Aretsou, where you will find cafes, restaurants and parks for walking. It’s close enough to our hotel and can be reached by car, city bus or taxi.


Perea is located in the eastern suburbs of Thessaloniki, about 15 km from Iris Hotel. It’s an excellent choice for a walk on the beach and dining next to the sea. You can reach Peraia both by car or taxi, as well as by city bus.


Halkidiki – a place with crystal, blue, clear beaches and large high-forest wooded zones, which give us unique green landscapes – is one of the top destinations in Greece for a summer vacation. From Iris Hotel you can reach Chalkidiki via the Halkidiki Motorway (24), which is very close to our hotel using a car, taxi or bus (KTEL). For more information, please contact the Iris Hotel Reception.


Thessaloniki’s Ring Road is an important highway for Thessaloniki, as it connects the eastern to western Thessaloniki and as well as, many other intermediate areas between them. It’s about 5 minutes from Iris Hotel and you can use it to reach any part of Thessaloniki (city center, Ano Poli, Toumpa etc).